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At Cole’s Concierge Services, we are committed to the safety of our clients and staff members.  We assure you we are staying updated and following all guidelines to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Our caregivers have weekly safety training meetings and daily zoom meetings for screening.  Our staff always have safety supplies with them to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus.


As the coronavirus outbreak interrupts many aspects of senior’s daily living.


Cole’s Concierge Services are here to help senior citizens during the coronavirus pandemic.


We are here to remind them to keep their hands clean. Many seniors can’t see their families during this time because of the danger of getting affected by the coronavirus.


We will go shopping for senior citizens, so they don’t have to risk going out and getting infected to buy food and household supplies.


They can call and schedule us to pick-up and drop-off groceries, hot food, toiletries, or cleaning supplies at their door.


We can also help prepare food for them if they need meals prepared.


We can help or introduce them to technology if they have computers or smartphones. Skype, Facetime, or Facebook video chat. Seniors can stay in touch with loved ones and abate some potential loneliness without the risk of getting themselves sick.

We can help them find telemedicine If their insurers and healthcare providers offer it to avoid them encountering germs at a doctor’s office.

We are here to give a helping hand, provide care, and companionship. Keeping them amused with exercise, puzzles, decks of cards, craft kits, games, and grownup coloring books. Helping seniors citizens to have a productive day.


Coronavirus is serious and scary, but seniors don’t have to feel helpless or alone. Because of the COVID-19, hardship we are providing great services with great discounts.   CALL US TODAY!        

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